Ananda Sagara‘s Bridge school helps children who have never attended school and/or who do not have the necessary literacy skills to attend a mainstream school. We bridge this knowledge and skills gap between their age and education. The goal for us is that eventually, all these children are part of mainstream education.

To mainstream children of migrant workers (School dropouts, no schoolers)
Due to the nature of migrant worker’s jobs, the children move with their parents city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood. So, most of the children never attend school or they usually drop out of school. Most of these children can not read or write. Our bridge school addresses these problems at our community level, making them literate and bridging the gap between their age and education.
30 to 50 children of age 9 to 16 years
Time Frame
Aug 2021 to May 2022
Literacy (Kannada, Hindi & English), Maths, Arts, Sports, Life Skills and Vocational Skills
No fees, students will be given breakfast, lunch, books and stationery
INR 500000/-

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