Bridge School

Bridge school helps children who have never attended school and/or who do not have the necessary literacy skills to attend a mainstream school. We bridge this knowledge and skills gap between their age and education. The goal for us is that eventually, all these children are part of mainstream education.

Learning computer for the first time

Before it was only Home Schooling

Why do so many of us in this modern-day and age find Homeschooling an ideal form of education, is it because the modern education system has failed us numerous stages, yes maybe? The education system today has missed out on one very tiny and important detail that is ‘learning’. We have forgotten to learn for the sake of knowledge. We as a society have built a system that seems to work out for nobody but we carry on encouraging it because it is what the system demands.

Gone are the days where kids are allowed to study the subjects they want to, this leads to the problem of our children losing interest in work and they blatantly start functioning like robots to pander to someone else’s life instead of theirs. You ask us why Homeschooling is an ideal form of education today. Well, I believe the name explains it all because it’s HOME’, it’s an environment where children can be with themselves, an environment where the children can be one with their teachers and it is only in such an environment when the purest form of learning can be attained, where children are not restrained to sit inside a room with four walls for the day, it’s a place where children are taught to break those barriers and how to face the difficulties in life. In simpler words, all of this can be accomplished because it is the idea of a ‘HOME’ that encourages children to learn, strive and conquer. As Shakespeare once said ‘the world is a stage and every one of us has a part to play and by exploring, learning, and having faith is when these children, the future of our world can figure out their part to play.

Now it has become a bridge school

When we started homeschooling our resident kids, we didn’t realize that God had bigger and better plans.

As the word spread that we were homeschooling our kids, more and more migrant workers started approaching us to include their children in our “school”. Their reasons:- “My children don’t like school”, “We just moved to this city, we heard you run a school”, “My child does not know to read and write and we don’t know what to do”, “My child is very naughty and doesn’t listen to us”, “We don’t know what to do with my child”……

So we started growing and growing and now almost 50 children attend our informal bridge school.