I have been called to be the chief servant, to share love, time and skills with the invisible and neglected children of the needy and underprivelaged. To be the light for those who are in darkness.

Amar Daniel Gabrian

My name is Amar Daniel Gabrian, I am the chief servant at Ananda Sagara and God is the founder.

I started Ananda Sagara in June 2014, with no bank balance, with no personal assets, with no money in my pocket and with little income. My initial thought was that I would support the children’s home with my income and run the place. Little did I realize then, that managing a children’s home would be a full-time job.

Since I started with absolutely no money, I had no budget to hire staff. I had few volunteers who were helping me. For the first three years, I was the cook, maid, barber, teacher and “Guru”.

God has always provided for our needs. We depend on answered prayers, we don’t knock on doors, we don’t make phone calls, we don’t text, we do not ask anyone. But, we pray continuously and consistently.

God speaks to your heart and you provide support to us.

Every day we witness a miracle and every day is a testimony to God.